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I am an avid Spotify playlist creator and have put together some extensive playlists since 2012. In my opinion, most jazz and fusion radio stations and online playlists dwell too heavily on the past and thus give the impression to new listeners that jazz and jazz fusion died in the 60ies and 70ies. I believe it is for this reason that many current jazz and fusion musicians struggle to earn a living, because of the inordinate amount of time that is given to music that is 40-50 years old. While we should respect what has come before and understand the history a genre's development, we also need to nourish and cherrish the young innovators of today. I hope that my playlists bring contemporary players back into focus by celebrating their creativity, energy and virtuosity. If you'd like to follow me on Spotify click the image below.


Most of my listening in jazz-fusion is contemporary music from the last two or three decades as I like to keep up to date with what is current. I have conciously refrained from adding too many fusion bands from the 70ies from my main Burning Jazz-rock Fusion playlist as I feel that most listeners of these genres are already familiar with these classics or are looking for something new. For those that are more comfotable with the music of jazz fusion in the 70ies, I also have a very small playlist to bring back memories.

Burning Jazz-rock Fusion (1100 songs)

Cafe Fusion (170 songs)

70ies Fusion (30 songs)


When most people think of jazz they tend to identify musicians from the 50ies and 60ies such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter. It's difficult to believe that some of that music is now 60-70 years old. In contrast, most of my listening in jazz is from the last three decades and my playlists reflect that. If you want to listen to the jazz of a new generation of artists, then here is a good place to start. For those who are into the jazz classics, here's also a small list for you.

Modern Jazz Picks (580 songs)

Sunday Jazz (40 songs)

Soul Jazz (130 songs)

Jazz Funk (180 songs)

World Jazz (110 songs)

Classic Jazz (60 songs)


Acoustic Guitar (70 songs)

Classical Guitar (40 songs)

Gypsy Guitar (20 songs)


Before I got into jazz-rock fusion, what got me into instrumental music were virtuoso electric guitar players like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. What also helped helped me on my way were progressive rock bands which opened up my mind to the new possibilities of sound and story telling, without needing much emphasis on words.

Prog Rock (70 songs)

Instrumental Rock (110 songs)

Groovy Rock and Blues (100 songs)


Bass players are much maligned in the music world and seen as the poor person's guitar player. I think this view has been harmful to music and has likely prevented us from even hearing half as many good bass players. Anyone who explores talented musicians on a variety of instruments knows that there are some phenominal bassists out there. Bassists add so much structure and goove to music, that its difficult to imagine the music without them. The serious listener should take the time to explore talented bassists just as they would explore good guitarists, because compositionally bassists can be crucial and add character to the music.

Show Off Bass Guitar Tracks (400 songs)

Funk & Soul (270 songs)

Bass Contemplation (50 songs)


World Music (170 songs)


Chill (170 songs)


Electronic (30 songs)


Massage & Meditation (60 songs)