Music Theory Cheat Sheet

Free Music Theory Cheat Sheet

I created this large music theory cheat sheet to help you put many important concepts in one place. If you're a beginner or an advanced player, unlocking its secrets and practicing the progressions on your instrument in all keys will keep you busy for months and years to come. 

It has important scales and chords, an interval map, triad structures, triads with fixed bass note and their scales, the circle of fifths and diatonic harmony for each key, cadences, chord substitutions in 12 keys, chord function tips, and upper structure maps for polychords and which scales to play with them. There are also some guidelines for dominant chords in major or minor keys.
You won't find such a compact guide to music theory elsewhere! Some references include Steve Khan (guitarist), Damien Erskine (bassist), Anton Schwartz (saxophonist), Adam Neely (YouTube music educator) and Norman Cook (music researcher).
Take your music theory knowledge to the next level and buy the image file for your desktop or the pdf file to print it out as a large poster in any size you like. 
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