Top Jazz-Fusion Record Labels

When exploring new music it can be very advantagous to find the important record companies which support the artists of a particular genre. If you like a particular artist and want to find similar artists, then find out what record label they are on and explore which other artists are signed under the same label. Classic examples of world-renounded record labels are Blue Note Records for jazz and blues and Mowtown Records for R&B and soul artists. Searching for good music in this way opens a lot of doors for any genre you might be interested in.

If you're interested in contemporary jazz-rock fusion then you might want to explore specialist jazz and fusion labels such as ESC Records, Tone Center on Shrapnel Records, Favoured Nations, AbstractLogix, Heads Up International, Mack Avenue RecordsBuckyball Music and others.

Because it is difficult to find a suitable record label that accepts instrumental music in today's musical environment many artists who play jazz-fusion release music under their own label or under subdivions of larger record companies. Some examples include Chick Corea/Ron Moss' Stretch Records under the Concord Music Group, Grusin/Rosen's GRP Records through Verve Music Group, Carl Filipiak's Geometric Records, Merck's Alex Merck Music GmbHFrank Gambale's Wombat Records, Anders Johansson/Jens Johansson's Heptagon Records and Richard Hallebeek's Richie Rich Music to name a few. Other solo fusion arists release and promote their own music under their own names such as Allen Hinds, Frans Vollink, Bernhard Lackner, Doug Johns and Geraldo Henrique Bulhões.

For those listeners who are into progressive, shred or neo-classical genres be sure to explore labels like Moon June Records, Magna Carta, Lion Music, and Unicorn Digital which are friendly towards jazz-fusion artists who are drawn more strongly towards progressive rock or progressive metal.

To explore which record labels could be my favourites, I generated a list of the top jazz-fusion record labels found in my jam packed Burning Jazz-rock Fusion playlist on Spotify. The playlist has over 1000 songs and 600 artists and covers many styles of fusion. The majority of the albums were released between 1995-2015, so it gives you a good overview of which record labels are releasing interesting jazz-rock fusion today.

Top Jazz Fusion Record Labels