My name is Steven Muschalik and I am a self employed computer programmer and database administrator, project manager, and aspiring entrepreneur working on various related tech projects around guitar playing. I employ a few casual musicians who help me enter chords for the database. I write Python code to interface with the backend and have made this open source on github. I'm planning on publishing the largest ebook of chords for guitar, as well as developing an iOS app to help guitarists learn chords. I'm found pushing MS Excel to its limits. Through setting up this webiste I am also now a web publisher. 

Outside of work I am a huge fan of jazz-rock fusion and other instrumental music and curate playlists in Spotify. I'd also like to start blogging about fusion and various instrumentalists. I am a beginner guitarist and bassist, although I don't nearly practice as much as I'd like to. Other things I do include drinking craft beer, drawing portraits, painting, cycling, gardening and making smoothies with secret ingredients. For entertainment I enjoy watching sci-fi, psychological thrillers and alternative movies. To learn more about the world I read about current affairs, science, neuroscience, psychology, stories of mathematicians and philosophers,cosmology and the environment amonst other topics.